Teens Talk Vaping is a “by-youth-for-youth” research project that seeks to understand teen perspectives on vaping. From a non-judgmental perspective, our goal is to better understand teens’ experiences and ideas about vaping, as well as how vaping features into their everyday lives, regardless of whether or not they vape.

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This study was inspired by, and builds upon, the work of our Youth Advisory Council (HEALYAC) who identified vaping as a priority issue where more research was needed. Our team includes 7 members of the HEALYAC as teen co-researchers, who are contributing to all aspects of the research. By putting teens’ experiences and perspectives at the centre of this study, our goal is to generate new research that is credible and grounded in the realities of Canadian teens to support the development of a by-youth-for-youth vaping education campaign.

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Friendship group interviews with teens in Ontario

What will happen during this study? By choosing to participate, teens will be asked to join an online friendship group interview with 1-3 of their high school friends. These group interviews will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete and questions related to thoughts on vaping will be discussed. After the friendship group interview, participants will be emailed a $15 Amazon Gift Card.

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Whom can I contact for questions? Any questions related to this research study can be directed to Dr. Jason Gilliland, Questions about the rights of a research participant or the conduct of this study can be discussed with The Office of Human Research Ethics, phone: (519) 661-3036, 1-844-720-9816, email: