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Lindsey Soon

Graduate Research Assistant

Western University

Lindsey is currently working on the FRESHER project as one of the Interview Coordinators. She reaches out to food business owners or senior management to follow up on their interest to complete an interview for FRESHER. Lindsey coordinates the interviews with participants, assigns tasks to team members and sends the completed interview over to be transcribed. She also completes survey calls to food businesses to determine the operating status for the mapping portion of the project. Along with her involvement in the FRESHER project, Lindsey is also a Message Writer for SmartAPPetite.


  1. 2018

    Bachelor of Arts in Geography

    Queen's University
  2. 2019

    Bachelor of Education in Intermediate/Senior Levels - Geography & Biology

    Queen's University
  3. 2021

    Master of Arts in Planning

    University of Waterloo