Jason Gilliland of HEAL Featured in Western News for Primary-Care Proximity Study

Dr. Jason Gilliland, Director of the HEAL team and a Geography professor at Western University, has been featured in Western News on the recently published study in the journal PLOSone – looking at primary-care accessibility to London’s vulnerable populations.

The article highlights findings that geographic equity exists in London when considering one’s accessibility to a health care provider. Gilliland explains the importance of looking at more vulnerable populations in the city, as health inequalities have shown to persist for these populations across the country.

Speaking with Western News, Gilliland emphasized that “there should be greater access for populations that have a higher need,” as there are factors in vulnerable populations that can impact how far one can travel to receive health care.  “A low-income household, for example, is less likely to own a vehicle than a high-income household, and a senior is less likely to drive, so we want accessibility along geographic lines to be greater where low-income and senior populations live. That’s why geography matters.”

The study showcases that the city of London is doing well in achieving equity for its residents in terms of primary-care accessibility. Socioeconomic status, age, or race should not limit one’s ability to have access to health care, so being mindful of these factors is imperative when implementing health clinics. Gilliland hopes that the results of the study will be informative to policy-makers and those working in the health field. Great job, Director and colleagues!


View the full news articles here and here.

The study: A geospatial approach to understanding inequalities in accessibility to primary care among vulnerable populations.

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