HEAL Alumni Profile: Dr. Richard Sadler

Dr. Richard Sadler from Michigan State University shares his graduate experience, research, and role as a current HEAL Faculty Associate. Dr. Richard Sadler completed his PhD in Geography with Dr. Jason Gilliland in the HEAL in 2013. During his studies with the HEAL, Dr. Sadler examined food access and alternative food systems with a focus on correcting deficiencies evident in conventional food systems. With HEAL’s connection to public health and the practice of community geography, Sadler was uniquely positioned for a role in the Division of Public Health at Michigan State University. As an Assistant Professor, his work revolves around the influence of the built environment on health behaviors and outcomes. His work has included topics important to declining post-industrial regions. This includes topics such as: food access, physical activity, crime, housing & infrastructure decline, racial/socioeconomic segregation/discrimination, mental health, community beautification, alcohol outlet density, and heroin & opioid overdose clusters, and much more.



Check out our summary and notes from Dr. Richard Sadler’s HEAL Alumni Interview below!

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