HEAL Alumni Profile: Adrian Buttazzoni

Adrian Buttazzoni from the University of Waterloo shares his graduate experience, research, and role as a post-graduate research assistant. Adrian completed his MSc in Health and Rehabilitation Science with Dr. Jason Gilliland at the HEAL in 2018. During his studies with the HEAL, Adrian evaluated the implementation and effectiveness of the Elgin-St. Thomas, London, Middlesex, Oxford Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program in elementary schools across the region. With the HEAL’s connection to public health and the practice of community geography, he was uniquely positioned for a role as a PhD student in Planning and Research Assistant in the Geographies of Health in Place, Planning, and Public Health Lab (GoHelP Lab) at the University of Waterloo. As a PhD student, his research revolves around objectively evaluating children’s mental health outcomes in different built environment settings via the use of wearable and sensing neuroscience technologies. 


Check out our summary and notes from Adrian Buttazzoni’s HEAL Alumni Interview below!

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