HEAL Alumni Profile: Kate Schieman

Kate Schieman, a Project Manager at Western Student Experience, shares insights from her graduate experience with the HEAL. Beginning as a volunteer in 2015, Schieman went on to complete her MSc on the STEAM project with Dr. Jason Gilliland at the HEAL in 2018, before continuing as a Project Coordinator on the SmartAPPetite project. During her studies with the HEAL, Schieman’s thesis focused on ‘Comparing geospatial approaches to delineating children’s interactions with their physical environments: a case study of children in rural Northwestern Ontario’. With the HEAL’s connection to community-based research, she was uniquely positioned for a role as Project Manager on the Research, Assessment and Planning team at Western Student Experience. In this role, Schieman facilitates and manages the development and implementation of cross-campus projects to foster equitable learning environments for all students.

Check out our summary and notes from Kate Schieman’s HEAL Alumni Interview below!

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