TTV Blog 5 – I’ve always wanted to meet and learn from real researchers by Gaby Guisandes

Hello! My name is Gaby, and I’m a co-researcher for the Teens Talk Vaping (for youth by youth) project!  

So far we’ve had a few training sessions, so we’ve been learning about qualitative research and how we’ll be using focus groups to collect data! At first it all sounded very complicated to me, but now that we’ve had a few meetings, listening to Kendra and Steph explain the steps makes me feel confident that this project will develop into something great. They have so much experience, and this was what I was most excited for when I first entered the HEAL: I’ve always wanted to meet and learn from real researchers, and learn all the steps to creating a legitimate piece of work. 


Now that we’ve started learning more about how we will be conducting the research through focus groups, I feel engaged and ready to start! Since our survey was nationwide, we’ll get the chance to talk to teens all over Canada! That alone is incredible, so being part of this type of research is an amazing opportunity! 

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