Are you a teen or young adult enrolled in full-time education? Consider participating in our SmartAPPetite Research Study!

The HEAL is currently recruiting teens and young adults to participate in our SmartAPPetite research study. SmartAPPetite is a nutrition and healthy living smartphone app that provides users with scientifically valid information on how to eat healthy, and healthy living in general. The project invites teens and young adults between 13 and 25 years old and enrolled in full-time education to participate in a randomized control trial.  Students will be randomized into intervention and control groups, with intervention students using the app to receive messages about healthy eating. Participants may receive up to $45 in Amazon gift cards and will have a chance to win Apple AirPods. For more information visit

Teens and young adults can participate in the study by visiting If you have any questions, please contact our research team at

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