TTV Blog Post 10 – Leading Up to the Focus Groups by Bhargav Kandlakuti

During the past few months, I have been able to learn a lot from focus group training to ethics training. The process of conducting focus groups was deeper than I had previously thought. Due to the current situation with physical-distancing, the groups are being conducted online so adjustments need to be made to ensure that they are still being held properly. Learning how to encourage participation from participants and also maintain a consistent flow were some of the aspects that were most focused on during these training sessions. Furthermore, there was also the importance of keeping the ethics training in mind and making sure that everyone felt comfortable.  

We have also been planning and have been able to develop a logo for the project. It took some time but I am happy with how it turned out.  

The whole process has been unique for me. I have been able to learn a lot, and I am excited to continue learning and start conducting the focus groups. With the assistance of the adult researchers, I feel that I have properly prepared and that I am ready for the upcoming events. 


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