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You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2022 to April 2023.

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You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2022 to April 2023.

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You may register your child for the program at any time between May 2022 to April 2023.

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Do you have any other questions? 

If you have any other questions about ACT-i-Pass, check out our Frequently Asked Questions below

How much does ACT-i-Pass cost?

There is no cost to be involved. Parents must complete the registration form in order for students to get the ACT-i-Pass. Once the form is completed they have access to free programs from July to June.

Why have grade 5 students been chosen?

Grade 5 students have been chosen because research shows that physical activity begins to decrease in children as early as age 9. The ACT-i-Pass helps grade 5 students stay active!

Does my child have to sign up or pay anything after the program year ends?

There is no obligation to sign up or pay for anything after the program year ends. This pass is simply meant to encourage healthy, active lifestyles among our youth, entirely for free and with no obligation.

Is transportation included with the ACT-i-Pass?

Unfortunately transportation is not included. Programs have been set-up around London so that participants can choose programs that are closest to them. If your child is interested in using their pass at the Boys & Girls Club, they do have a bus that picks up children at several locations each weekday throughout the school year. For more information about the Boys & Girls Club bus and its schedule, you may contact them at (519) 434-9114.

How often are programs available?

You can use the pass almost every day of the week for one or more locations/programs! See the current schedule for more details.

Can I attend programs with my child?

For many programs you can attend with your child, as the ACT-i-Pass includes a +1 guest option! Some programs do not have the capacity to include parents/guardians so please check with each partner for details.

Can my child bring a sibling or friend who is not in grade 5?

Your child may bring one sibling or friend as their +1 guest depending on the program. If more than one sibling or friend want to attend, they will not receive free admission. Check with partners for age appropriate programs, costs, and rules.

Can my special needs child use the ACT-i-Pass?

All children in London can participation in this program, including those with special needs. Please contact the partner organizations to make arrangements to suit your child’s needs:

  • City of London Recreation/Spectrum: (519) 661-5575
  • YMCA of Western Ontario: (519) 667-3300
  • Boys & Girls Club of London: (519) 434-9114

Is it too late to register for the program if I missed the April ACT-i-Pass sign-up period?

You can sign-up your child for the ACT-i-Pass at any point between April and May at There are registration forms that can be downloaded and completed, or you can simply complete the online registration.

How can I get a replacement card if I have lost my ACT-i-Pass?

You can request a replacement card by contacting the evaluation team at Western University by email ( or phone (519-661-2111 x. 82619).

Who is paying for this program?

All programming provided by the ACT-i-Pass is offered for free by our recreation partners, including the Boys & Girls Club of London, the YMCA of Western Ontario, and the City of London.

Funding for the administration of the ACT-i-Pass program is provided by London’s Child & Youth Network and the Government of Ontario.

Funding to evaluate the ACT-i-Pass program is provided through grants awarded to Dr. Jason Gilliland and colleagues from Western University’s Human Environments Analysis Laboratory. The grants are from the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Institute of Health Research.

How has COVID-19 changed ACT-i-Pass?

The ACT-i-Pass is expected to run as usual this year, with a variety of service providers offering the program to grade 5 students. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the availability of programming may change throughout the year due to COVID-19 related restrictions and changing service provider capacity.  For the most up to date hours of operation and program offerings, please contact the service providers directly and regularly check the ACT-i-Pass website at

Western University
Dr. Andrew Clark & Dr. Jason Gilliland
519-661-2111 x82619
CYN-HEHPA Project Manager
Kampman, Alexis
519-661-2500 x7281

Thank you for the generous support of the ACT-i-Pass funders:

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