HEAL Alumni Profile: Bridget Irwin

Bridget Irwin from at ICES North / Health Sciences North Research Institute shares her graduate experience and research from the HEAL. Bridget completed her MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics with Dr. Jason Gilliland and Dr. Mark Speechley at the HEAL in 2018. During her studies with the HEAL, Bridget evaluated the impact of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge ‘Water Does Wonders’ interventions on healthy beverage consumption habits among elementary school children in London, ON. With the HEAL’s connection to public health and the practice of community geography, she was uniquely positioned for a role as an Epidemiology Data Analyst at ICES North / Health Sciences North Research Institute in Sudbury, ON. In this role, Bridget conducts statistical analyses for large-scale epidemiological research projects using administrative health data from Ontario.

Check out our summary and notes from Bridget Irwin’s HEAL Alumni Interview below!

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