ACT-i-Pass: Welcome to the 2024-25 Year!

Hello ACT-i-Pass Participants,

We hope everyone has been enjoying the start of summer! Since we are at the beginning of the program, we have some important updates and reminders to share.

ACT-i-Pass Card Update

This year, we have changed to virtual passes so you no longer have to wait for your pass to arrive in the mail. The pass is included in your registration confirmation email. Please present a digital or printed version of the pass to the front desk staff when entering one of our participating locations.

Based on the feedback from our service providers, we have made some slight adjustments to the pass we included in our previous email. On July 6th, we emailed an updated ACT-i-Pass with your child’s unique name and pass number. Please make sure to use the new version of the pass.

Important Reminders

For more information on program offerings this summer, see our Schedule page. Here, you can find information on sessional, weekly, and daily program offerings for ACT-i-Pass users. Our schedule can also be tailored to specific activities, venues, and locations of interest to make finding relevant activities easier.

Please ensure you continue to review the requirements of participating ACT-i-Pass service providers on our Service Providers Page. This page includes essential information you need to know before going to any of the ACT-i-Pass-accepted activities, including if a +1 is allowed, which areas are allowed to use the facility (the letter at the beginning of the pass number represents London, Oxford, Elgin and Middlesex), whether additional membership or liability forms are required, and any safety rules or protocols for that location.

Make sure to also look over our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) page on our website if you have any questions about the ACT-i-Pass or contact us via email at

Are you following us on social media?

Follow our Facebook (@g5actipass) and Twitter (@g5actipass) accounts for schedules, updates and news on special events!

Do you know any children in Grade 5 that live in London, Oxford, Elgin or Middlesex?

Please let them know about the ACT-i-Pass program so they can join in on the fun as well! Registration for the 2024-25 year is now open!

Please refer to these resources for more information on the ACT-i-Pass program:

ACT-i-Pass Service Providers
ACT-i-Pass Schedule
ACT-i-Pass Frequently Asked Questions


Yours truly,

The Grade 5 ACT-i-Pass Team
Facebook: Grade 5 ACT-i-Pass Program (@g5actipass)
Twitter: @g5actipass


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